1011 Mainland St., Yaletown, Vancouver. Tel: 604-605-0606 contemporary furniture, accessories and lighting from around the world. Cool design for everyone in the heart of Yaletown
1127 Mainland St., Yaletown, Vancouver. Tel: 604-682-RUGS It offers bright, contemporary area rugs, which will warm your home and add a splash of colour and design to provide that final touch
901 Homer St., Yaletown, Vancouver. Tel: 604-437-9348 specialists in Gifts, Crafts & Home Decor from Asia . We have a passion for the things we sell. Each piece is carefully selected for quality, style & overall beauty.
1062 Homer St., Yaletown, Vancouver. Tel: 604-331-2363 All of the products are hand crafted, giving them their own unique personality. Hardwood frames, eight-way hand-tied coils and down-filled cushions - all of which provide sturdy support while giving you that “suspended“ feeling as you sit
1110 Mainland St,. Yaletown, Vancouver. Tel: 604-681-2800 owner-run and operated, offering modern furniture and accessories that have been carefully researched and selected according to 3 strict criteria - great design, high quality, and extraordinary value.
1088 Homer St., Yaletown, Vancouver. Tel: 604-688-4424 elegance and sophistication in design, executed in the tradition of true craftsmanship. Timeless, original, contemporary, varied, and versatile.

1067 Hamilton St., Yaletown, Vancouver. Tel: 604-685-4414 Mala Kuja Store is now open - online catalogue coming soon
819 Hornby St., Yaletown, Vancouver. Tel: 604-669-9990 many different brands and very trendy store
1025 Mainland St., Yaletown, Vancouver, B.C.Again, super trendy store carrying tons of different brands
1036 Mainland St., Yaletown, Vancouver. Tel: 604-684-0040 Unparalleled, this little rumpus-room serves as Canada's constant inspiration for fashion, filled with a fantastic range of designers, it is a particularly electrifying drug, causing one to become instantaneously horny...with dignified discretion of course.

1128 Hamilton St., Vanc Tel: 604-899-MINI - Mini dealership in the heart of Yaletown