Restaurants / Clubs

Yaletown Brewing
1111 Mainland St., Vancouver. Tel: 604-681-2739 original and wildly popular in the summer due to enormous outdoor seating area in the heart of Yaletown

1141 Hamilton St., Vancouver. Tel: 604-684-7900 famous for their pizza and live Jazz - make reservations as this is one of Yaletown's busiest location.

1222 Hamilton St., Vancouver. Tel: 604-689-7000 original and most popular night spot in
Yaletown that has been around forever

1133 + 1129 Hamilton St., Vancouver. Tel: 604-688-7466 my personal favourite restaurant in Vancouver for high end Italian - unbelievable wine list! Truly one of Yaletown's best

1166 Hamilton St., Vancouver. Tel: 604-687-1116 the spot to be seen! What else can be said? Especially on Thursday nights - Yaletown's trendiest people are seen here...

1177 Marinaside Cr., Vancouver. Tel: 604-681-4144 right on the water. In my opinion best value for the dollar. Not cheap but great food on Marinaside and Davie, in the heart of Yaletown

1138 Homer St., Vancouver. Tel: 604-915-9463 really good food, excellent ambiance and fair prices - makes you feel like you are in Europe, not Yaletown

The Quay Lounge
1137 Marinaside Cr., Vancouver. Tel: 604-685-5335 again, right on the Yaletown waterfront and super popular, especially during the summer season

Blue Water Cafe
1095 Hamilton St., Vancouver. Tel: 604-688-8078 other famous place in Yaletown; newer but already very established.

Coffee houses

125 Davie St., Yaletown, Vancouver Tel: 604-
1195 Mainland St., Vancouver Tel: 604-662-4030 2 of them within 1.5 blocks in yaletown. You have to LOVE that!

1089-1097 Marinaside Cr., Yaletown, Vancouver Tel: 604-683-7556 more than just coffee on the Yaletown waterfront, great seating area outdoors